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Masterani Plus

Personal Project

Masterani Plus is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox for the website It tracks the anime you watch, and it remembers the last episode you watched of each show.

It displays all the shows you visited in, and clicking on them will take you to the last episode you watched. It also features a Theater Mode and Hotkeys.

AD Hauling Solutions

Client Project

AD Hauling Solutions is a Junk Removal Service that operates in the Washington area. I was tasked with designing and producing the logo and the website of the business from the ground up.

Noteworthy feature: JS Before/After Image gallery.

Moquehuá Cooperative

Client Project

I was tasked with designing and producing the website of the organization from the ground up. I picked a free Wordpress theme that fit with what the client wanted, and I started working from there. The end result was a heavily customized child theme, including various PHP files and 495 lines of custom CSS code. The logo was made on Substance Designer. The page is fully responsive.

Furthermore, I had to find, incorporate, customize and translate various widgets and plugins to suit the client's needs.

Ayn Rand Tribute Page

Personal Project

This is a project made for FreeCodeCamp. The requirement was to build a tribute page about someone. I decided to make it about Ayn Rand because she greatly influenced my thinking, and Atlas Shrugged is my favorite book of all time. I'll always admire her astounding amount of intelligence and moral courage. The page is fully responsive.

This Website Itself

I had a lot of fun making this website. When I started thinking about its design, the main priorities were to make it look unique, different to all the other trendy websites, have some kind of interesting functionality, and giving it my own style. That's why I went with a dark, gritty design because that's what resonates with me. I experimented with some color ideas, but I decided to go with a simple gold/black combination. The Logo and the Background were made on Substance Designer. You can see the project source files in this Github repository.

Other Works